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Day 100

Day 100

Distance hiked today: 29.8 miles / 47.9 km.

100 days on trail, and 1700 miles.
I hiked a fast 20 miles to the highway that leads to the town of Ashland. There was some trail magic, coolers of soda, but none were sugar free so I just signed the book. I wasn't planning on staying in town since I recently stayed in Etna and want to keep moving. But I planned to hitch in to get some snacks and lunch. I saw the menu online for an all-you-can-eat Indian food buffet, which ends at 3pm. I started running.
I was lucky to get a quick hitch on a nearly deserted road, and made it in time to eat 3 plates at the buffet with Giggles, SpaceX, and Lost and Found.
Then Giggles and I hit the grocery store, and as we stood outside packing our bags, so many people stopped to chat with us about the trail. This town must love the PCT hikers! And just as we were getting ready to walk to the road to hitch, a lady walked by and offered us a ride to the trailhead. Amazing.
We got another 10 miles in that evening, with nice sunset views. 30 miles today - not bad for a day with an Indian buffet and resupply.
Total trail mileage: 1728.1 miles / 2780.5 km
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