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All our FEASTS have 9g or less net carbs and are keto-friendly. Plus, each pouch has 36 to 59g of protein.

Protein and fats digest slower, so you have more consistent energy for longer, compared to high carb meals that can leave you feeling hungry a few hours later.


No more chewy food: our freeze-dried meals maintain their delicious taste and true texture as if they were just made fresh. Plus, freeze-dried food retains the vast majority of its nutritional value - more than other dehydration methods.

Unlike many others, we aren't re-packaging dried ingredients. We get fresh ingredients, cook and prepare them together with delicious spices, freeze-dry, and package all in-house.


Just add hot water, and your FEAST is ready in 5 minutes. Whether you're making miles, summiting mountains, or exploring the wilderness, our meals are ready when you are.

All FEASTS are in the ultralight category for calories per ounce, so you can go farther while staying lightweight.


Who are they kidding... we all know other meals sold as "2 servings" usually aren't enough to feed 2 hungry people. Our FEASTS are 1 hearty serving, packed with protein and delicious ingredients that will satisfy your hiker hunger.

Our single serving meals usually have more calories and protein than other brands' "2 servings" combined. That's true value!

Not keto? Add an instant pasta or rice to make 2 servings without paying a premium for those easy-to-add-ingredients.

Don't just take our word for it... Here's what the people think!

Flat Out Feasts In the News

Inspired Soles Podcast Logo Flat Out Feasts Feature

Inspired Soles Podcast

Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hiker Turned Ultra Runner: Lisa was invited to chat about her experience thru-hiking the PCT, how this led her to do a 100 mile ultra and create Flat Out Feasts, and what it's like doing all that with type 1 diabetes! Listen here.

Innovation in Edmonton

We were featured on Taproot Edmonton's Bloom podcast, where Lisa shares how Flat Out Feasts came to be and how we're bringing new innovation to Edmonton! Check out the podcast & article!

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We're a proud supporter of the Great Divide Trail Association, dedicated to maintaining and protecting the GDT's wilderness experience. By becoming a member, you're supporting the trail experience that you love and contributing to the completion and long-term preservation of the Great Divide Trail.

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