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Day 107

Day 107

Distance hiked today: 35.9 miles / 57.8 km.

Day 8 of Oregon. Oregon has a lot of ponds. Some are clear, some are green-ish and grassy, but they are no doubt the breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are fewer streams here than Northern California and the water carries are longer - sometimes a pond is the only water, but even though the water has a green tinge it doesn't taste bad. I've also just been carrying more water to save time, filtering once rather than making frequent stops. I've definitely been thirsty sometimes when I skip one too many water sources as the day gets hotter, and have to ration what I have left when all I want to do is chug it all.
We had lunch by a bug-free lake with a breeze. I've got a new heel blister to deal with which is quite painful. I'm always surprised when new rub spots appear this far into the trail that I've never had before, but with ever changing terrain, heat, and wearing out shoes, anything is possible. Also just the amount of miles I've been doing throws me into a whole new ballgame.
The next water source had way too many mosquitoes to stop, so I scooped water and filtered while walking. No afternoon break today.
I ended the day walking through open meadows with mountain views and grazing deer. We camped by a pond/lake that reminded me of a more alpine mountain lake with rocks and thinned trees around. It's a whole new Oregon! I arrived just after sunset, and have a pretty quick routine now of grabbing water, letting it gravity filter while I set up my tent, and then getting inside away from the bugs. Then I have dinner no matter how late it is, ideally a piece of chocolate if I still have some (the small luxury is the best way to end a day), wipe my face and feet with a baby wipe, change out of my gross hiking clothes into sleep clothes, get my gear and food rations ready for tomorrow, set up my pad and sleeping bag, and go to sleep.
Total trail mileage: 1966.5 miles / 3164.1 km
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