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Day 11

Day 11

Distance hiked today: 20.3 miles / 32.7 km.

Today was long and rough. We made the goal of camping at the Paradise Valley cafe tonight to wake up to a hot breakfast. That was 20 miles away. I went 14 miles before lunch, to Mary's Oasis with picnic tables, a water tank, and a little free library on the corner of her property that backs onto the national park. I was in a lot of pain and had to stop a few times to rub my feet. Some of the switchbacks were super windy - I lost my hat once and had to climb down to get it. People behind me saw a huge rattlesnake, probably 6ft long, thick and angry. I still haven't seen a snake, but it's guaranteed I'm walking past them.

After a 2 hour break for lunch I felt good to do the next 6 miles, but it became a struggle for the last 4, plus there was a mile off trail to the cafe.

The Paradise Valley Cafe was closed for the night but they allow PCT hikers to camp outside. Everyone that had gathered there cowboy camped in the side yard (no tent), dreaming of morning omelettes.

Total trail mileage: 151.8 miles / 244.2 km

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