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Day 110

Day 110

Distance hiked today: 32.3 miles / 52 km.

Oregon Challenge day 11. It was a slow morning. I'm tired, I wonder why ๐Ÿ˜…. But despite being tired, physically I feel fine - much better than I expected for doing these big miles. My feet and legs aren't sore other than this one heel blister which is healing quickly. My body just decided to adjust to this as the new normal, but my brain needs more sleep.
Both Giggles and I were not feeling energetic, and we had an early lunch break and a nap. The afternoon was the hottest I've had on trail so far, making me stop more frequently to cool off. My clothes get completely drenched in sweat, but there's no escaping it.
In the evening I finished hiking up to the Timberline Lodge by Mount Hood. The trail was suddenly steeper than usual (for Oregon), and the sandy ground made the last mile a grind. It also gave me a heel blister on my right foot now, sending sharp pain with every step. It's crazy how much distance we can cover - the first picture of the mountain was around 5pm, still distant and peeking through the trees. By 9pm I was at the base of it.
I arrived after sunset but could still see the mountain in the dusk light. Headlights of snow cats made their way up and down one of the slopes, as they groomed the snow for summer skiing (pictured if you look closely).
I camped just outside the Lodge on the hill. They have an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet that is not to be missed by hikers, so the goal was to get as close as possible tonight. I think the backyard of the lodge will do, a 5 minute walk away.
Total trail mileage: 2097.9 miles / 3375.5 km
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