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Day 116

Day 116

Distance hiked today: 26.4 miles / 42.5 km.

Feeling tired today. Hiking at a more relaxed pace, at whatever speed my legs feel they can go. It's not really tired from lack of sleep, it's just… tired in general.
We took a 2 hour lunch break at a picnic table, and I naped for a bit on the bench.
There's a breeze, sometimes even wind, which has been great to keep things a bit cooler. I really haven't had much wind on trail recently, if at all, which is better than having wind storms but it sure makes it hot.
It's been lots of green-tunnel forest-walking so far in Washington. The mosquitoes love it.
There were more berries today, which keep things interesting as I scan the bushes. I feel like they've been picked over by other hikers or animals, but once in a while I come across a bush with 5 or 6 nice ones.
I got to camp fairly early today at 7:40pm which is nice. A bit more time to chill out.
I passed the 2200 mile marker, and saw some original PCT trail markers in the trees.
Total trail mileage: 2213.1 miles / 3560.9 km
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