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Day 123

Day 123

Distance hiked today: 123: 25.9 miles / 41.7 km.

Kind of an overcast day today which is great hiking weather. I hiked in the clouds most of the day so everything was really humid and sticky, and I could only see white instead of views. But it's a nice rest from the unrelenting heat I've had for so long, and I was still sweating anyway.

I passed the 300 mile marker for southbounders (people going from north to south who recently started)... which means I have 300 miles left. It's weird to feel like I'm almost there, but 300 miles is still really far.

Up until today I've still been feeling sluggish and tired, and I was worried that it was trail fatigue that wouldn't go away. But today I'm feeling more energetic, so I'm hoping it's just the stomach flu finally wearing off.

Total trail mileage: 2373.9 miles / 3819.6 km

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