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Day 15

Day 15

Distance hiked today: 0.6 miles + 4.7 miles off trail = 5.3 miles / 8.5 km.

We packed up our things and hitched a ride back to the Spitler trailhead where we had exited. We hiked 4.7 miles back up the mountain to the PCT, and then 0.6 miles down the trail to a camp spot just before Apache Peak. It wasn't a very productive day, but this way the mileage will work out for us to submit Mt San Jacinto in 2 days.

Most of the snow has already melted, although some still hides in the bushes. It's a huge change in just 2 days from the storm, now with clear skies and barely a breeze. We cowboy camped right in the saddle at 7300ft, eating dinner in our sleeping bag circle, and snacks packed out from town.

Total trail mileage: 169.2 miles / 272.2 km
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