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Day 17

Day 17

Distance hiked today: 7.8 trail miles + 6.4 mile side trip = 14.2 miles / 22.8 km.

We hiked about 3 miles to the junction for Mount San Jacinto, set up one tent and left most of our gear there. With light packs we hiked the 3.2 miles to the peak of the mountain. There was snow, but soft enough to not need micro spikes. The peak was surprisingly warm and sunny, and after some photos and snacks we headed back down to the PCT, about a 3 hour side trip all together.

We had lunch by a creek with good flow, "Sierra level" quality, cold and fresh from the snow melt and refreshing compared to the stale and green water sources in the desert. Then we carried on across Fuller Ridge - this section was slower going, with the trail turned into a snowy slip 'n' slide. We climbed over impressive blowdowns, some cleared from previous years and some fresh.

We camped in a large campsite with picnic tables, and some people re-counted their food to know how many snacks they could afford each day until we reach town.

Total trail mileage: 190.5 miles / 306.5 km

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