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Day 25

Day 25

Distance hiked today: 22.5 miles / 36.2 km.

With a 6am start, we went 4 miles to the Deep Creek hot springs. It's a destination on the trail, with varying levels of warm pools tucked in the rocks on the side of the cold river. An amazing rest stop, especially on a Wednesday early in the morning before any day hikers from LA arrive.

I had an instant coffee and spoonfuls of peanut butter sitting in the hot spring - definitely a top trail moment. We swam in the cold river and the hot pools. (Some people enjoy the hot springs nude so I don't have much for pictures of all the pools!)

We had lunch while drying out, and I ate so much food. I went from one extreme (running out of snacks) to the other (having waayyy too much food) this resupply, and will definitely be walking into town with a lot of food. It seems like a trend with others as well, the hiker hunger hit last week and we didn't have enough food, but then we overshot it.

We went 4 miles to a water crossing where we had to take off our shoes to cross, and then another 4 more miles to the next water source. This was during the heat of the day since we'd had a late start from the hot springs and it was HOT. Normally we sit in the shade from 1 to 3pm, but today we hiked through it. After 3pm it doesn't seem to get cooler until the sun goes down, but at least there's more shade when the sun is lower. The heat sucks your energy.

We walked past a dam, and then around Silverwood Lake to a day use area where we cowboy camped around a picnic table and had dinner in the dark, trying not to turn on our lights to alert anyone that we were there.

Total trail mileage: 326.4 miles / 525.2 km

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