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Day 27

Day 27

Distance hiked today: 22.1 miles / 35.6 km.

Today was an uphill day. And I don't think I've ever sweat so much.

I left camp by 6:30am and still felt like I should have left earlier. I was sweating before 7am as the sun was already hitting the hills and the climb was steady. We were heading into town today and I knew it would be a long day, preparing for the worst, but it actually went better than expected. Although long, the climb was gradual and I just kept walking without stopping much for breaks. After about 8 or 9 miles I had a proper pack-off break, then 5 more miles ish to a lunch spot near the top. We split up from there, Dr. P going down the steep Acorn trail 3 miles to town while the rest went 6 miles to the highway. The trail passed through a ski hill, quietly waiting for winter. I arrived later, taking my time on the last 6 miles, and when I reached the highway another hiker was there with her parents who had come to visit her, and I got a ride into town with them.

I got dropped off at the grocery store, and got some sugar free ice cream, strawberries, and snacks before heading to our small cabin for a shower. We did our laundry together before dinner, sorting through our similar-looking socks, and I ate the entire pint of ice cream because there was no freezer in the mini fridge. Do what you gotta do.

I didn't take many photos today, even though the view was great it was mostly the same view all day as we climbed the mountain.

Total trail mileage: 369.3 miles / 594.2 km

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