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Day 37

Day 37

Distance hiked today: 7.1 miles / 11.4 km.

I keep waking up during the night with my legs aching terribly. This is pretty much every night, but last night was particularly painful with the week's miles adding up.

I'm ready for a town day, I am so dirty. My pants are stained, my shirt is turning brown, my hands and everything else are filthy. I wear the same set of clothes every day while sweating and living in the dirt. Last time I did laundry was 10 days ago, and I showered 6 days ago but still had dirty clothes. Water is scarce, and I use 1 baby wipe to clean my face, hands, and feet at the end of the day but it only really gets the sand off. It's hard to tell what's dirt and what's tan.

We hiked 7.1 miles to the road leading to the town of Tehachapi. It was a miserable time through the wind farm with really strong wind and no shade, the trail a line of dirt through the desert fields under the towering white turbines.

I hitchhiked around town, first to the post office to get my resupply box. A trail angel picked me up, kindly waited for me to get my package, then dropped me off at the grocery store. Later I hitched back downtown. Loads of empty cars pass by me standing by the road, but it seems like every time I get picked up it's by someone who has absolutely no space for it. It's the person who's got a trunk and backseat piled to the roof with stuff, spilling into the passenger seat, who's like "we'll make it work!". You can never say you don't have room for a hitchhiker after the rides I've had.

I got new shoes! Mine are beat out with no cushioning left - they have over 600 miles on them now since I wore them before the PCT. New shoe goofin' and they feel great!

After resupplying in the evening we couldn't get an Uber, and couldn't really hitch at night with groceries and 5 people. So we were kind of stuck there. Boxer asked a couple getting into a small truck if we could get a ride in the box. They were reluctant, but eventually agreed, and we piled in and hung on.

Our AirBnB has a hot tub, and we ate a lot of snacks, and it was great.

Total trail mileage: 565.1 miles / 909.2 km

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