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Day 45

Day 45

Zero miles.

I was up at 5am as usual, and the place was already stirring with activity. Many people are leaving today, ready to take on the Sierras.

I did my laundry and refiled my fuel can, and had a lineup of people wanting me to refill their fuel cans too with my little adapter to avoid buying a new one.

I visited with hikers on the patio, and sorted through the hiker box which has new treasures added every time someone walks by.

This is a unique stop, where you're technically in "town" but it feels very much like the trail. Usually in town I feel out of place and dirty, but here there's only hikers other than the odd local. We're still sleeping in our tents and sitting outside, and it has a chill vibe being surrounded by people taking on the same journey. It just feels like a magical place on trail, which I guess it is. It's easy to get "vortexed" here, some people staying multiple days or weeks.

Colin arrived in the late morning. It's been a host of logistics for him to get here since it's a rural area, and he needed to get my next supply of insulin into the country and shipped further up trail. But he made it! He'll be hiking the whole Sierra section with me for the next 3-4 weeks, essentially starting where we left off last time.

Of course he got straight to work fixing my broken trekking pole tip, which turned into a 4 hour affair as more pieces broke in the process and the whole pole was in pieces. But it was successful!

Colin brought our food resupply and mountain gear, and I shipped some extra gear forward that I'll pick up again after the mountains. We got our bags ready and switched out my 2 person tent (Rene's tent I'm borrowing) for our 3 person tent - they really make tents too small and we like to have space for our gear inside at night.

There's a cool outdoor theater here, with wooden boards making a big screen and a few chairs and logs to sit on. The volume is on low so it doesn't travel through the camping area, and we watched part of The RV with Robin Williams once it got dark before heading to bed for an early start tomorrow.

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