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Day 50

Day 50

Distance hiked today: 7.7 miles / 12.4 km.

It was very cold this morning. The cold front had indeed come in and we were glad we weren't on the summit of Mt Whitney. Our water was partially frozen, slushy in the bottles, and it was slow going to pack up with my hands frozen.

We left camp at 8, and hiked a short day to the base of Forester Pass. It's best to go through the passes early in the morning while the snow is still hard to avoid postholing or sliding down. We debated pushing through to split up the mileage we need to do tomorrow, but the wind was still very cold and south-bound section hikers warned that the pass was slushy now that it was afternoon.

It was nice to have some down time on trail and the campsite was beautiful, tucked in the trees by a river. We had camped here in 2019 as well, waiting for a morning summit, but at that time the entire valley was snow-covered and we crossed the river on a snow bridge. It's much more chill this time around!

I had a nap, and we had a double lunch with extra food we won't need. Colin found an excellent rock lounger to sit on, and rolled out his leg muscles on his bear can. Apparently it's great for this purpose.

Total trail mileage: 774.7 miles / 1246.5 km

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