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Day 52

Day 52

Zero miles.

Are rest days really rest days when you have so much to do… the verdict is still out. But it is nice to sleep in a real bed, in a warm room, and have fresh food.

It was a typical zero day in Bishop: laundry, resupply, eat lots of food, air out our gear, and enjoy the hotel hot tub. And then fit everything back in our bags plus a full load of food.

I got new pants - mine were getting way too big on me since I've lost so much weight, and they were starting to tear in places anyway. Colin got new shoes since his were slightly too small for this type of intense hiking, and your feet need more space to expand and more cushioning. We mailed his old (still very new) shoes forward to be taken home.

Even though we weren't staying there, we visited the hostel to check out their hiker box and fill our fuel can.

I didn't take any pictures today, so here's one from the bottom of the valley looking up at the mountains we came from, and that we need to hike back up into.

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