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Day 81

Day 81

Distance hiked today: 13.6 miles / 21.9 km.

Trail magic: it can be a lot of things, often a cooler left on trail with cold drinks, snacks, a water cache, etc. But the best trail magic of all: Flair Hair met me in Beldon!

We met during our 2019 hike, and had hiked together for a while including the first section of the Sierras. When Colin and I had to get off trail, he helped us get to LA and generously hosted us at his house before we flew home. Colin and I returned on a road trip to do trail magic in Oregon that year, and caught Flair Hair just in time on a dirt road the trail crossed, cooking up a chicken dinner and catching up.
But he whiped out the most epic trail magic of all, topping anything I could have imagined with a fully keto BBQ and more! I hiked the 13 miles mostly downhill through the burn area into the tiny Beldon Town, and there Flair Hair had polish sausages, burgers, keto bread, allll the toppings, salad, keto snacks, avocado, and freeze dried food from his own freeze drier! It was so great to catch up again, hear about his adventures sailing across the Atlantic this summer, and eat… a lot. He even had soap for laundry and a shower, and made the most delicious cedar-plank salmon on the BBQ for dinner.
Today I am the most spoiled hiker on trail, and it doesn't end there!
(Also pictured: the nice sunrise, and the store/restaurant at Beldon Town)
Total trail mileage: 1286.8 miles / 2070.5 km
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