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Day 102

Day 102

Distance hiked today: 32.7 miles / 52.6 km.

Oregon Challenge, day 3. We hiked through forest almost all day, but the shade is welcome. Some parts opened up to cool rock fields. I got water from a super cold spring - the coldest I've had since the Sierras. I cooled off my insulin in the water while I filtered.
I saw a weasel! Super cute. It was too far away for a photo, but it looked at me for a while and I watched it bound away through the trees parallel to the trail.
I camped on a ridge with a nice sunset, finding a flat dirt spot among the rocks. I was going to take pictures, but when I got out of my tent I was swarmed by mosquitoes and moths and had to retreat.
The higher mileage days are getting more mentally demanding than physically. Although things get sore, I feel like I could walk forever with these trail legs. But hiking for 14-16 hours a day, mostly alone and with limited breaks, gets really long. I've been listening to podcasts or audiobooks while my legs are on autopilot to help pass the time.
Total trail mileage: 1796 miles / 2889.8 km
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