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Day 103

Day 103

Distance hiked today: 25.7 miles / 41.4 km.

Another early morning, and 24 ish miles into the base of Crater Lake plus a brief road walk to the store. Passed 1800 miles. It was hot and through a previous burn area, but we still had a bit of snow on the trail in the morning to walk over that's lingering from winter.
I have a food resupply box here, and while it was supposed to be delivered to the small store here which is open late, it was actually stuck at the post office next door which has the worst hours. It was already closed, and I was told wouldn't open until 10am the next day. Giggles's food box also wasn't here, still stuck in transit. They don't sell much hiking food here so everyone ships a box, and not getting it is kind of a problem…
We sat at the restaurant, and worked on figuring out our options. With the tight timeline of the Oregon Challenge this is really messing things up. But we landed on a plan after calculating mileage on a paper plate - I'd have to get my box tomorrow and Giggles will try resupplying elsewhere while getting the box forwarded.
Giggles hiked out late that night to camp partway up the trail to the rim to catch the sunrise, and I stayed at the bottom campground in the PCT hiker area. I needed to charge my battery bank, and since there's only 1 shower house for the 300 site campground, 10pm was the only time there wasn't a 15 person lineup for it. The water was ice cold, and I only had a bar of soap, but it'll do for now.
I washed my shirt and underwear in the bathroom sink as best I could, and hung them in the trees by my tent to dry. I didn't get to bed until after midnight.
With the lower mileage today, I'm going to have to make up for it later. Oregon Challenge, day 4.
Total trail mileage: 1820.9 miles / 2929.8 km
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