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Day 113

Day 113

Distance hiked today: Zero miles.

A well-earned rest day in Cascade Locks. We vowed to not have any more days whose mileage starts with a 3 - it's under 30 miles a day for Washington! While we enjoyed the challenge, Washington will be a chance to slow down and savour the last section of trail. But for now, we rest.
We pre-rinsed our clothes in the sink to get at least some of the dirt out before throwing them in the machine. My shirt is the same fabric as my town dress, and you can see the contrast in color and how dirty it is. My pants were even more crusty, but they're grey so it blended in nicely. The water was basically turning to mud in the sink.
We made a massive breakfast with our small kitchenette - eggs with veggies and avocado, sausage, bacon, and Giggles made scrambled pancakes (where you just throw the batter in the pan and mix until it's cooked… we had no flipper and apparently this is a thing).
I spent the rest of the day laying in bed and constantly snacking. If there was not food going into my mouth, it was a missed opportunity. We also found some blackberries growing by a parking lot and paused to stuff our faces for a while.
Just as we finished Oregon yesterday, northern California and southern Oregon exploded with forest fires. Hikers are being evacuated from the trail, and 170 miles of the PCT are now closed (on top of the old closure we went around). Not only that, but smoke in the air will be drifting far beyond the closures, the beautiful blue Crater Lake is now grey and shrouded in smoke, and who knows how far the fires will spread. Many hikers behind us now have to alter their thru-hikes, either skipping significant portions of trail, finding alternatives, or abandoning their attempts altogether. I feel for them, and am grateful I was able to get through before this chaos. It's another reason to speed up for the Oregon Challenge and keep making progress: to make it through while you still can. Mother Nature is unpredictable, and unforgiving.
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