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Day 118

Day 118

Day 118: 24.8 miles / 39.9 km.

I didn't throw up overnight, so things were looking medium good this morning. I'm tired, feel weak, and can't stomach any food. At home, I'd probably stay in bed most of the day, sip hot water and chicken broth, and cozy up in blankets. But here, I just need to keep moving to get to Canada, and there's nowhere to hang around all day. If I'm not puking, I'm well enough to hike.
We caught the 7:30am shuttle back to the trail. The "shuttle" is just locals who have organized themselves to give hikers rides in their trucks at certain times. Gary was our driver. He's been picking up hikers since 2007, when he first saw them standing by the road in the middle of nowhere and wondered what in the world they were doing. Now retired, he drives 900-1500 hikers a year up and down the half hour drive. I imagine it brings a welcome influx of customers to the town's single restaurant and general store, and he enjoys meeting and chatting with people from around the world.
Having not eaten anything for the past day and a half, I'm feeling weak. Hiking slow, one foot in front of the other, still making progress.
I had beautiful views of Mount Adams and Mount St Helens. Some meadows, tons of wildflowers, and some lava rocks. The mosquitoes are out in full force. We stopped for dinner at a creek before continuing to camp.
Total trail mileage: 2254.7 miles / 3627.8 km
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