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Day 119

Day 119

Distance hiked today: 25.8 miles / 41.5 km.

I'm still feeling weak today, and forcing myself to keep eating. I normally have to ration my food and feel like I could eat all my snacks in one sitting. But now I don't feel like eating at all.
There were so many mosquitoes all morning that I couldn't stop for breaks. I eventually did sit on a rock and resigned myself to being swarmed because my legs needed a break.
Finally as I came up a hill out of the trees, I was met with amazing views and ridgelines of Goat Rocks Wilderness. The trail cut into the mountain side and wound around and through Cispus Pass where a whole other valley was even more beautiful, and it just kept getting better. Rocky peaks and green grassy hills dotted with snow patches and creeks running down. Weekend hikers hang out at their camps, sitting with their feet in the river. It looks relaxing - I definitely want to come back here to hike 10 miles a day and chill out.
I saw a few marmots among the rocks, and then the trail traversed a couple snow fields and boulder/scree fields before narrowing into the Knife's Edge. Pretty much as described, the Knife's Edge is a very narrow path along the top of a steep ridge, around 6-8 feet wide. I'm glad it wasn't windy today. I kept stopping to take pictures - every few meters would reveal a new curve in the mountain or a different view behind me. Goat Rocks is definitely one of my favorite parts of the trail.
My legs are still weak, and with about 2 miles left to camp I was really struggling to have enough energy to go up and down the hills. My thighs felt like jelly. I haven't been this tired on trail in a long time, even with bigger mile days, and I know I'm still recovering from being sick.
Finally I got to the camp spot which was on the edge of a mountain with a great sunset. I laid in bed looking at the colors through the trees, and although I wanted to take a picture I also really didn't want to get up.
Total trail mileage: 2280.5 miles / 3669.3 km
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