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Day 125

Day 125

Distance hiked today: 26.7 miles / 43 km.

Breakfast at the WAC cabin was scrambled eggs and pancakes. I had some extra eggs and sausages I bought yesterday to eat instead of pancakes, and drank multiple cups of coffee (they had real heavy cream which was delicious). Hikers are put to work cooking, doing dishes, and other chores around the cabin.

It was hard to leave the comforts of the cabin, but we finally pulled ourselves together at 10am and headed back to trail.

The day started with a long uphill into the mountains, to the Kendall Catwalk - a narrow strip of trail along a ridge, before continuing on to some amazing clear lakes where we had lunch.

I passed the 2400 mile mark but missed the small rock marker. Darn! I've only missed two markers so far.

The trail was really rocky which was hard on the feet and slower going where it got really steep. The views of the valley were amazing though.

We finished off with a night hike to a camp spot since we got a late start. We camped on top of a ridge, and across the valley we could see the far off light of one flashlight coming down the steep mountain in the snow, and we wondered if that mountaineer was purposely coming down this late or if they were having trouble. But they didn't blink their lights as a SOS so I figured they were good.

I've been enjoying the boiled eggs I packed out - so far I haven't cracked the shells!

Total trail mileage: 2420.9 miles / 3895.2 km

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