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Day 126

Day 126

Distance hiked today: 26.5 miles / 42.6 km.

Clouds hung around the mountain across the valley from us this morning which looked neat - blue skies everywhere else.

Washington definitely has mountains… the trail is often a steeper grade than usual. This morning started with a downhill which was nice, easier to cruise at a faster pace. But what goes down must come up! And the trail went right back up in the afternoon.

We had lunch by a small river, and later had to cross one with our shoes on since there was no way to jump across and the rocks and current were too big for flip flops. My shoes 'squish squish' along the trail after. I don't like having wet feet for hours afterwards, mostly because it makes them soft and more likely to lose callouses.

There are occasionally huckleberries and blueberries growing along the trail - they seem to ripen in patches with only one or two per bush that are ripe. But once in a while I pass a bush that's loaded and worth stopping for. Pictured is Giggles in bear-mode, devouring berries on a loaded bush.

We camped by Deception Lakes. While I don't get to spend much time at each camp, it's nice to have more scenic ones. I can lay in my tent and watch the sunset and calm water.

Total trail mileage: 2447.4 miles / 3937.9 km

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