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Day 133

Day 133

Distance hiked today: 31 miles / 49.9 km.

My shoes are still soaked from the bushes yesterday, and I apparently swapped a sock with someone else in the laundry, so I still have wet feet and socks.

I made my way up Rainy Pass, chatting with some day hikers, and walked along a super nice ridge with huge views. I had lunch at the top of the hill I had to climb, back to freeze-dried meals now which is great. Colin packed only my favourite ones for my last resupply box of the trail - the Creamy Chicken and Cauliflower is the best. I dried out my feet and shoes finally since the sun came out.

There were so many blueberries growing along a hillside near the end of the day and they were so tempting, but they grew low to the ground so they were hard to get with a pack on and I didn't want to stop. I picked a few here and there.

It was a good thing I didn't stop - it started raining a bit just as I got to the campsite. I put my tent up, and just a few seconds after I got all my stuff inside it started pouring rain like crazy. This is the most rain I've had on trail, and even though it only lasted a few minutes it created a flash flood right where I'd set up my tent. I was basically sitting in a lake, crouching in my tent to keep off the ground and the floor was floating around me. When the rain stopped I had to move my tent, a messy ordeal since everything got muddy from the rain splashing. I took off my clothes to keep them dry and just walked around in my underwear, flip flops and a rain jacket. Too bad no one was there to take a picture because everything about the situation was ridiculous.

I passed the 2600 mile marker - the last one of the trail. After today, I have just under 36 miles to the border.

Total trail mileage: 2617.3 miles / 4211.2 km

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