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Day 23

Day 23

Distance hiked today: 15.1 miles / 24.3 km.

After breakfast at the hostel, I walked to the post office to get my resupply box from home with Flat Out Feasts freeze-dried meals. We packed our things, and I barely fit everything in my bag. Lots of snacks this time. Dr. P packed out a whole loaf of garlic bread, and a 25 cent chocolate easter bunny (Lil' Crispy) - probably the most ridiculous town food packed out so far, usually it's burritos or sandwiches.

After tetris-ing my bag together just on time, we got a ride from a trail angel to the trail head around 10:30am. We hiked past Big Bear Lake, and realizing how heavy our food is we ate a lot for dinner. A lot of hikers are offering food, snacks or cookies along the trail to share as they realize they have too much… but no one takes any because we know we have our own heavy food bags to eat through.

Total trail mileage: 281.2 miles / 452.5 km

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