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Day 71

Day 71

Zero miles.


Off we went to Reno, about an hour and a half drive from South Lake Tahoe. I got a few gear items at REI, including new trekking poles since 2/4 of ours are broken and the other 2 are probably not far behind.
Reno has a "Whitewater Park" on the river that goes through town - a river walk, places to swim, and take tubes or kayaks down the water. It was a nice area and we walked down the river path until we came across a small Juneteenth festival in the park. We even got a sugar free snow cone - Colin's favorite, watermelon.
The hotel had small kitchens in each room and a shared BBQ area outside, so we were able to make our own delicious steak dinner, complete with red wine in coffee mugs. It beats trying to eat low-carb at a restaurant where you often have to substitute half the meal and rarely have much selection.
Laundry, organizing our gear, and scootering around town filled the rest of the day before we watched a bit of The Office (there was a whole channel dedicated to it 🙌) and passed out. Soft hotel beds never get old.
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