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Day 72

Day 72

Zero miles.


Breakfast in bed: eggs, sausage, and coffee. Mmm mmm good.
We still had lots to do packing and getting some gear repair stuff from the hardware store. I got rid of all my winter gear (micro spikes, fleece, snow baskets, waterproof socks) which Colin will take home. It's nice to get rid of some weight, although I'll gain a bit back carrying the gear Colin and I were sharing like the tent and battery bank.
We walked & scootered around town, watching ducks diving in the river to eat at the bottom, their butts bobbing up in the air.
After an afternoon nap and dip in the pool, we made another delicious dinner: chicken and vegetables. The hotel also had a small "put-put" / mini golf, which clearly had received no maintenance in its life. We played through the 8 holes (I got a hole in one 👌), navigating the lumpy astro-turf and rotting wooden dividers.
Of course we couldn't leave Reno without losing a bit of money at the casino (I do not understand slot machines), and taking a photo by the Reno archway.
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