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Day 87

Day 87

Distance hiked today: Zero miles.

After walking through so much ash, all my stuff is dirty and in need of a good clean and repairs. Seams are coming apart on my clothing, I have a hole in my pocket, tiny holes in the bottom of my pack, and need to wash the dust off of everything. My feet can use a good rest too.
I spent most of the day sitting in bed with my feet elevated, eating, catching up on my journaling, sewing, and I soaked my feet in Epsom salts in a plastic bag since there was no tub.
I went for lunch with Double Play, and later ran into McGuyver who arrived today at the motel, and whom I haven't seen for 700 miles!
I've developed "trigger finger" in my ring finger from over-use, I suppose from gripping my trekking pole. My finger muscles crumple up and "pop" when extended… it's not painful yet, but I don't have many options to rest it anytime soon. Who would've thought I'd get a finger injury on a hike 🤔. KT tape seems to help it so I'll try that for a while.
Not many photos of town…
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