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Day 88

Day 88

Distance hiked today: 25.6 miles / 41.2 km.

I still had to pack up my gear-explosion this morning, and the motel owner drove me and McGuyver back to the trail around 10:15am. Despite this late start, we got over 25 miles in and even stopped at Burney Falls for lunch.
Burney Falls is a short side trip off of the PCT, and well worth it! The falls are wide, and besides the river flowing off of the cliff there is also water flowing out of the mountainside on the edges which was neat. The water was so clear and blue.
It's a popular spot among tourists too, and the squirrels have figured out that people love to feed the wildlife... They are extremely bold, climbing around the rocks within an inch of my feet just hoping for a crumb of my lunch, and honestly would have grabbed it themselves if I wasn't aggressively shooing them away (which was hardly working anyways).
We ate lunch at the base of the falls and then continued back to trail. Now we're mostly walking through thick greenery, and the shade was welcome. We also had to cross a dam under repairs, escorted by a security crew who gave us the whole history of the dam as we went.
We got to camp at 8:30pm before dark despite the super late start and falls side trip. Doing 25 miles that quickly makes me wonder what's been taking me so long every other day 😂. But really it's because McGuyver walks at mach speed and it was alI could do to keep up!
Total trail mileage: 1436.9 miles / 2312 km
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