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Day 92

Day 92

Distance hiked today: 25.6 miles / 41.2 km.

I got an early start to finish the big climb this morning, but it was still hot super early. We're in a heatwave now, at least 28 degrees C in the shade and definitely in the high 30s in the sun. It doesn't cool off at night either, so there's not much respite in the early mornings or evenings.
Luckily today we had a lake just 0.2 miles off trail that was nice enough for a swim. As a bonus, someone had packed in a kayak years ago for hikers to enjoy, and it was still there! We took turns paddling around, looking into the deep clear water.
MacGuyver kicked a hole in his tent last night while dreaming, apparently not for the first time 😂. No one is sure how that's even possible, but apparently it is. I sewed it back up with floss, which I think will hold all the way to Canada!
In 5 more miles we got to another nice lake with quality camp spots, benches built with rocks and logs, and just couldn't pass it up even though it was still early evening. We'd done the "minimum" amount of miles we needed for the day, and while we weren't sure where everyone else had ended up, MacGuyver and I set up camp.
Total trail mileage: 1536.7 miles / 2472.6 km
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