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Day 93

Day 93

Distance hiked today: 32.1 miles / 51.6 km.

The heat wave continues, but I'm not taking mid day siestas like in the desert because I want to get more miles in. It doesn't cool off until the sun sets, so there's not much point in sitting around in the heat anyways. I just keep walking, more slowly if it's uphill, stopping in patches of shade and drenching my clothes in sweat.
The terrain this morning was pretty mellow, so I made good time and decided to go farther today. Every time I push farther and set a new "longest day" threshold, anything less seems easier. It becomes easier to hike more and more miles each day, and today I hit 32 and wasn't even sore.
I passed by a campground by a road and had my fingers crossed that there might be trail magic with cold drinks, but no luck.
The last 8 ish miles were uphill, but ended up at a nice camp spot on a ridge with views of the valley. It's nice to be out of the "green tunnel" of trees for a while. Little wasps terrorized me though, hovering in place and buzzing like little drones, getting in my tent and all around me. I sat in my tent until the sun set to escape them.
I've been hungry, and eating through my snacks quickly. Looking forward to getting to a grocery store soon.
Total trail mileage: 1568.8 miles / 2524.2 km
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